Fundamental Restorative Techniques Advanced Standing

Fundamentals of Restorative Techniques 

“This program is designed to familiarize dentists from overseas or the U.S. with concepts and skills associated with conservative dentistry. We cover preparations that they often have not experienced before, and shed new light on more commonplace restoration methods. Preparation design is discussed in detail, as are methods and strategies for performing these preparations with confidence, skill and speed. The course is 80% hands-on, and we employ our unique Point-of-View camera to show students what we see when evaluating and improving their preparation.
In a relatively short time it is quite possible to see how much a student knows, how much they can grasp quickly, how they internalize strategies to improve their work, and how motivated they are to continue their learning process. In general our students in this program are uniformly strongly motivated to learn and are a great pleasure to teach, and they respond very well to being held to very exacting standards.”

Dr. Duggan DDS, PhD

Classes are held Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 2:30 pm

  • Monday: Class II Amalgam Preparations Basics, maxillary premolars, and proper mirror usage
  • Tuesday: Class II Amalgam Preparations –Designs for other tooth types and alignments
  • Wednesday: Class II Composites Preparations – Various teeth and quadrants – speed/ efficiency
  • Thursday: Occlusal & axial reduction –posterior gold crowns Conservative preparations methods for occlusal reduction are developed
  • Friday:Axial reduction of the proximal area preps Conservative preparations for facial reduction are developed
  • Saturday: ½ Day Class II amalgam
  • Sunday Practice day
  • Monday: Ceramometal crown preps– Execute the principles of the PFM preparation for anterior and posterior teeth
  • Tuesday: Class III composite preparations & full ceramic crown (FCC)
  • Wednesday: The Mock Board A variety of preparations will be assigned
  • Thursday:Review of weak areas and the Gold Onlay
  • Friday: Lecture on interview preparation and Building confidence

Each day students will be given varies preparations as homework assignments to complete and have ready for Dr. Duggan to check in the morning.

Class Demonstrations:

All demonstrations are performed by Dr Duggan using his unique camera system which allows students to see what he sees through his loops while he is preparing teeth

12 DO Amalgam
3 DO Amalgam
19 MO Amalgam
19 ¾ Crown
3 ¾ Crown
8 DL Composite
3 Gold Onlay

Preparations assigned during class:

During class times Dr Duggan will work hands on with students. He will rotate through students individually modifying and assisting them with corrections.

5 DO Amalgam
12 DO Amalgam
3 MO Amalgam
14 DO Amalgam
19 MO Amalgam
29 MO Amalgam
30 MO Amalgam
14 MO Composite
3 DO Composite
8 ML Composite
8 DL Composite
19 MO Composite
29 DO Composite
3 ¾ Crown
14 ¾ Crown
19 ¾ Crown
30 ¾ Crown
13 ¾ Crown
3 Full Gold Crown
12 FCC
8 ML Compposite
8 DL Composite
Modifying MockBoard Preps to pass
3 Gold Onlay

Assigned & Graded Homework Preparations :

All homework is assigned at the end of each class day. Students will have 4 hours to complete assigned preparations. Dr Duggan checks the following day

5 DO Amalgam
20 DO Amalgam
30 MO Amalgam
19 MO Amalgam
3 MO Amalgam
2 preparations chosen by student
28 PFM

Mock Board Exam:
6 preparations assigned at the date of the Exam

Access to our Online courses is included in the tuition with comprehensive library of lectures and demonstration Videos. 

Practice hours:

Monday through Friday 2:30 pm to 7:00 pm Saturday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday 9:00am to 4:00pm (check calendar for the days we are CLOSED)

Course Tuition:

We do offer payment plans for course tuition as well – Please contact us for more information.

We encourage students to prepare early. The most successful students allow time in between a course and exams to practice. The goal should be to prepare your knowledge and refine your skills so that you will be productive in the programs you are applying for, not just focusing on passing the exam. Our course is very challenging but it comes with lifetime benefits. Please note that there are only 10 seat available for each course and usually fills up very quickly. If you plan to come in and take this course register early!

2018 Schedule: 

Course Dates: 2018 Course Code:
December 11th  – 22ND,  2017 FRT171204
January 8-20 FRT180108
February 5-17 FRT180205
February 19- March 3 FRT180219
March 5-17 FRT180305
April 16-28 FRT180416
April30- May 12 FRT180430
May 14-26 FRT180514
June 4-16 FRT180604
June 18-30 FRT180618
July 2-14 FRT180702
July 23-August 4 FRT180723
August 6-18 FRT180806
August 20-September 1 FRT180820
September 3-15 FRT180903
October 8-20 FRT181008
October 22-November 3 FRT181022

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discounts for early registration before January 2018!