Canadian NDEB/ Australian Dental Board: Fundamentals of Clinical Dentistry

December 1-23 2015
January 4-29 2016
November 7-December 1 2016

Congratulations on clearing the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge examination. We have a program that is designed for the Assessment of Clinical skills and Judgement portion of the Canadian NDEB examination. We only conduct one course per year. Our program consists of 18 days of hands on

Thank you for inquiring about our Canadian NDEB examination prep course. Below and attached is information about the course.

The Canadian Board Clinical Skills Assessment for foreign graduates is one of the more challenging manikin-based exams in North America. The Duggan Institute of Dentistry has developed a preparation program specifically for this exam. This program has evolved from our successful courses offered for patient-based exams and the U.S. school admission tests, and it is unique in the field. There is no one and no institution anywhere with more experience teaching every aspect of the Assessment of Clinical Skills exam.

Our Fundamentals of Clinical Dentistry NDEB
Our Canadian ASC program consists of two major sections – preparations and restorations.
1) We concentrate on concepts and skill development for class II amalgam, class III composite, full gold crown and ceramometal crown preparations.
2) We work with composite and amalgam to restore a variety of preparations, including class II, III and IV restorations, and with acrylic and composite materials for provisionalization of crown preparations. Additional topics include endodontic access and rubber dam placement.

This very complete and comprehensive program is designed to last for 18, seven-hour work days, with strong emphasis on understanding WHY we do what we do and HOW to execute the work with the greatest precision and finesse.

Some of the materials used for this course are currently available on-line from our E-Learning website: The Fundamental Restorative Techniques On-Line

You will be encouraged to spend time studying the lectures that Dr. Duggan has recorded covering class II, class III and crown restorations, and you can also observe on-line his demonstrations of each type of preparation and also see him working with students, through his close-up “point-of-view” camera system. This will put you in a very good position for starting the all-important hands-on portion of the course.
Following is a course outline of our Canadian ASC Program: The Fundamentals of Clinical Dentistry

Day 1 Class II Amalgam Preparations – basics, maxillary premolars, mirror use
Day 2 Class II Amalgam Preparations – designs for other tooth types and alignments
Day 3 Class II Amalgam Preparations – various teeth and quadrants – speed and efficiency
Day 4 Class III Composite Preparations – appropriate location, internal and margin form
Day5 Class IV and V Composite Preparations – familiarization with other options for anterior preparations. Also, Review of Class II skills.
Day 6 Full metal crown preparations – occlusal reductions
Day 7 Full metal crown preparations – axial reduction and preparations in various quadrants
Day 8 Ceramometal crowns – PFM preparations for maxillary anterior teeth
Day 9 Ceramometal crowns – PFM preparations for posterior teeth, maxillary and mandibular
Day 10 Fabrication of provisional crowns – acrylic and composite techniques
Day 11 Composite restorations – Anterior teeth, class III and IV restorations
Day 12 Composite restorations – Posterior teeth, the class II composite restoration
Day 13 Amalgam restorations – Class II amalgam condensation and carving – perfect contours and margins
Day 14 Amalgam restorations – More class II restorations – various teeth and quadrants
Day 15 Rubber dam applications – choice of clamps, materials, techniques, customized to particular characteristics of typodonts, which do not behave exactly like patients in this regard. Endodontic access preparations – anterior and posterior artificial teeth with pulp chambers
Day 16 Mock Board – day 1 – simulating exam as much as possible
Day 17 Mock Board – day 2 – simulating second day of exam as much as possible – all work will be graded
Day 18 Review of challenging areas revealed in Mock Board exercises. More practice with specific procedures on a student-by-student basis.

During the course, on a daily basis, Dr. Duggan will go over all of the concepts and principles of design and execution of each procedure, answer any questions you might have, demonstrate each procedure, and work with each student individually at every step to provide the most efficient learning process. Class size is limited so there is always ample access to your teacher. Dr. Duggan is one of the rare dental educators that will actually SHOW you how to do things – when you get stuck and don’t know exactly how to proceed, he will pick up your handpiece and show you what you can do to get back on track.

Duggan’s Dental Loops/Camera
At The Duggan Institute of Dentistry we use a special camera system, which Dr. Duggan developed specifically for dental hands-on teaching, where a miniature video camera is mounted on Dr. Duggan’s loupes, so you can see real-time on a monitor exactly what HE sees when doing the work. You can see how the use of the mirror helps see what needs to be seen at every step, because you are looking into the mirror WITH Dr. Duggan. This is the Point-of-View camera system referred to above. There are only two universities in the world using this system, and Dr. Duggan made both systems for their enhanced teaching needs.

About Dr. Duggan
Dr. Duggan has devoted himself and his business largely to the needs of the foreign-trained dentist for 18 years. He has worked with more candidates for the very demanding (and now discontinued) California Restorative Technique Exam than any other instructor or school, and his students have had an enviable passing rate over the years. There are more than 3500 dentists in California that studied with him for both the RT and the patient-based California Clinical Exam.

More recently he has been working with candidates from around the US taking a variety of regional clinical exams, and has developed segments, for example the endo access segment, that relate directly to what is required on the Canadian ASC Exam. The advantage of the clinical exam preparation to the candidate is that the restoration must be done! Dr. Duggan has found that there is far too little emphasis on working with restorative materials in many courses and examinations. The extensive penetration of composite restorations in the dental community often does not reflect that they are done with adequate skill, and the much more long-lived and less technique-sensitive amalgam restoration is becoming a lost art! There are few places where you can learn to do these restorations really well – and hence become a credit to your chosen field and a blessing to your patients. Dr. Duggan ensures that DDS is the learning venue of choice!

The design of this course has been done by Dr. Duggan, taking advantage of his vast experience teaching all of these procedures to graduates of non-accredited dental schools from around the world. With the complex combination of required procedures for this examination, there is a great need to spend significant time and effort in preparation. You will find that your skills and insights are so much enhanced by participation in this program that your pleasure of doing dentistry will be manifestly bolstered for many years to come – and, of course, your ability to successfully negotiate this demanding examination will be vastly increased as well.

Dr. Duggan has your dental career in mind, not just passing the exam. He will provide you with a maturity of thought that will help you through any challenges you face in the future. You will be far “ahead of the curve” in terms of getting through challenging examinations, and you will be the dentist on the block who really does the work that his advertising claims.