What Duggan Institute Does…

Who We Are

Since 1992 Duggan’s Institute has grown by leaps and bounds and now provides many services to dental professionals looking to achieve licensure in the US or a state in the US. We cover every subject from basic sciences and clinical didactic sciences through bench procedures, typodonts to clinical board procedures, and remedial programs. Also, we now have three post licensure, continuing education courses. These post licensure courses emphasize basic skills in endodontics, implant based prosthodontics and conservative restorative dentistry, in which many people are not confident.

Our greatest specialization has always been in work with International dentists. We have helped over 3500 overseas dentists attain licensure in California, and have worked with hundreds of U.S.-trained dentists as well.  Along these lines we recognize that the avenues to U.S. licensure for international dentists have become more limited, and many must now attend two or three years of dental school at an ADA-accredited school.  Our Fundamental Restorative Techniques is specifically target to help dentists achieve entrance into these U.S. schools.

Our Focus

The main emphasis at Duggan’s is to provide an educational service to dental professionals which is superior to any past education, and often not available elsewhere. What you need now, with a lifetime of benefits – our Mission Statement. These goals are largely met whether the student was originally trained in the US or elsewhere. When we started helping candidates prepare for the California board exams seventeen years ago, it was because we loved teaching and technically precise dentistry. We never thought that the power of word of mouth was so strong – virtually every student we now instruct knows someone or often is married to someone who took our course previously. The pass rate on the exams has a lot to do with it, but we feel that the concern we have for each student does too.  And – we teach lessons in dentistry that go beyond the work – we deal with the reasons and motivations of why dentistry is done the way it is, how important it is to be precise and knowledgeable, and educate the patient as you have been educated!

Personal Touch

Every student in hands-on courses is given personal attention – we sit together and discuss the work in progress, we decide what changes need to be made, strategies, and often we will demonstrate how to complete a task and what it should look like when finished. All hand-on classes are designed to maximize the amount of prep-time, and defer most lecturing to DVDs and online resources which may be studied at home. The combination of maximum hands-on, minimum in-class lecture, the use of advanced technology, the teacher’s willingness to show how it should be done, and our fundamental caring for the ultimate success of our students makes our classes quite unique. Our Point-of-View camera system, developed in-house, allows students to see exactly what we see when we do work in a tooth.


Over the years we have trained over thousands of dentists to take the California Restorative Technique examination, which is one of the most difficult exams in the country, requiring a minimum of four months intensive preparation. We have helped a similar number to prepare for the CA Clinical Exam and have provided remedial training for over 150 candidates. We are also providing remediation for the Nevada and Arizona Dental Boards, and for six years have taught board-review courses at NYU. Having worked so closely with so many people we have developed a profound sense of what it takes for someone to refine his or her dental skills and understanding. Having worked with many US trained and practicing dentists, it is clear that everyone can benefit from intensive training at the level of a board exam.

Continuing Education

We have helped so many to get licensed to practice dentistry, it is only natural that we turn our attention to helping to improve their skills even after licensure.  There are quite a few areas of clinical dentistry that are typically out of the skill range of many dentists – some of which SHOULD be within that range, and if not, the financial well-being of the practice can be threatened.  The placement and restoration of implants to improve prosthetic outcomes, is a very hot topic these days.  The last year or so has seen the recommendation of implants to your patients as not being as much of an extreme option as the method of choice!  Since so many dentists take implant courses and never place implants, clearly it was time something was done to help these individuals make a successful transition into an implant practice.  Our motto, “Every Practice an Implant Practice”, means that each provider should feel comfortable placing and restoring implants at some level.  Many will find that implant-based restorations eventually become the most profitable part of their practice, and patient retention will be much better when they don’t have to be referred out!  Also, many dentists have not had the opportunity to learn rotary endodontics well – and maybe don’t even feel confident to perform molar endodontics.  We have elected to make CE programs available in these areas as well.