Fundamental Restorative Techniques in Clinical Dentistry 21 Day

Fundamental Restorative Techniques: Clinical Dentistry 21 Day

21 Clinical Preparation Course Outline
1.Class II Amalgam preparations basics, Maxillary premolars, proper mirror usage.
2.Class II Amalgam preparations, Maxillary and Mandibular Molars.
3.Class II Amalgam preparations, Designs for other tooth types and alignments.
4.Class II Amalgam restorations.
5.Class II Composite preparations all quads.
6.Class II Composite restorations.
7.Mock board exam on Class II preparation & restorations, Grading workbooks.
8.Mock board review, FGC occlusal reduction.
9.Axial reduction for FGC and partial veneer crowns.
10.Conservative Gold preps – principles of retention and margination for partial coverage gold crowns.
11.Ceramometallic crown principles, Execute the PFM preparations for anterior and posterior.
12.Treatment planning lecture.
13.Treatment planning study group, practice preps with rubber cheeks.
14.Treatment plans check w/ Dr. Duggan, Full Ceramic Crown (FCC).
15.Mock Board, a variety of preparations will be assigned (preps done with rubber cheeks on manikins), Grading workbooks.
16.Review weak areas, Gold and porcelain Onlays and crown impressions evaluation, use of alternative burs for exam preps (Homework preps using 856, 878k-012).
17.Class III Preparations and restorations, crown impression evaluations.
18.Endo Access and provisional crown.
19.Rubber dam applications and posterior & anterior Class V.
20.Final Mock Board and grading – ½ day.
21. Concept review, weak areas review – last day of the course.

21 Day Course offerings:
December 1 to 23 2015
January 4-29 2016
November 7-Dec 1 2016