Wax Carving Workshop

Wax Workshop for University of Southern California Advanced Standing Admissions Examination:

This is a hands-on dentistry learning experience under the teaching of D. Michael Duggan, DDS, PhD. This program consists of one eight-hour day of instruction.
Currently there is only one workshop scheduled for September 12, 2014 stating at 9:00.

Course code: WCW14097 on September 12, 2014

This course is specifically designed to prepare you for the wax block carving portion of the advanced-standing admissions given by University of Southern California.
The subjects covered during this course are:
1)Instruments and Their Use
2)Strategy for Carving Tooth Forms
3)Central Incisor
4)Maxillary First Premolar
5)Mandibular Second Premolar
6)Maxillary First Molar
7)final review from Dr Duggan along with his suggestion for further practice.

The course will be held at The Duggan Dental Studies 20311 s.w Acacia Street Suite 250, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

The tuition for this course is $160.

Practicing in our facilities outside of class is possible only when space is available.

Each student will need carving instruments, either Peter K. Thomas-style or knife specified by USC. It is strongly advised that you purchase carving instruments identical or similar to those specified, although if that is not possible, Duggan has instruments that can be used for practicing. We have carving blocks available which are identical wax to those specified by USC and will be providing six blocks for each student at no extra charge. Any additional wax may be purchased from Duggan’s while supplies last.

Please contact our office for more information: duggandds@gmail.com