Western Regional Board Exam Endodontics Preparation Workshop

Western Regional Board Exam Endodontic Preparation Workshop
Course length: 2-days; totally 14hours of hands on instruction by Dr Duggan, PhD, DDS
Tuition for this workshop:$500
Estimated cost for additional materials needed: $300

2018 Endo 2day workshop agreement

This course is specifically designed to help the student become comfortable with root canal therapy on any tooth type

Day 1 Endodontics Access
{January 31 2018 from 7:00am to 2:00pm}{Practice 2:00pm to 7:00pm}
• Access Preparations on Anterior and Posterior teeth
• Evaluation of completed procedures
• Key criteria for grading
• Dr Duggan’s live demonstration
• Practice and critique Principles of rotary endodontics and demonstration on anterior teeth
• Characteristics of “WREB” model X2 teeth and real T endo #8

Day 2 Endodontics Practical Techniques of anterior rotary
{February 3 2018 from 7:00am to 2:00pm} {Practice 2:00pm to 7:00pm}
• Practice and evaluation

Materials Needed:
Materials Needed for day 1 :
1. #9 X2 Endo tooth($ 16.50) and #8 real T endo teeth ($14.91): amount 3 each
2. #19 X2 Endo tooth ($ 20.00) : amount at least 3 teeth for WREB
3. Additional 3 posterior teeth of different design – Kilgore teeth ($9.00)
4. #3round carbide bur ($1.47)
5. DG16/17 ENDO EXPLORER ($13)
6. #10 Files ($11)
7. Assorted 15-40 files($11)
8. Set of Gates Glidden burs($14.37)
9. Endo Excavator($15)
Materials Needed for day 2:
1. Endo sequence brasseler 0.06 files, Large set of 35-50 ($31)
2. Endo sequence brasseler 0.06 Medium set 25-40 ($31)
3. Brasseler Wheel Gutta Percha 5 points ($4)
4. Paper Points 10 points ($3)
5. Endo ruler ($8.40)
6. Medium size pluger ($15)

During the class we will provide
Equipment and lab materials
 Endo rotary motors.
 Accidental and Kilgore typodont
 And other lab materials such as sealer, EDTA lubricants, X-ray films, developer, Flame etc
 Certificate of Completion for the 2 day, 14 hours, course

Online Programs WREB
 Endodontics Board Module (ENDO)
 Rubber Dam Application
 Clinical Patient Archives

Practice at our facility
 No fees during the class on days between Jan 1 and Feb 3
 UCLA discount $10 per day from January to March 2018
Materials listed below are not included in the cost of tuition.
 Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials.
*If you wish to purchase through us you must submit your order at the time of registration*

Please fill out the attached forms to reserve your spot. Once your registration is processed you will and receive a confirmation email with the access to the online programs